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This downloadable video gives you all sorts of dirt bike skills and drills exercises that you can go out and practice in a small area. We developed it with that in mind, to show that you don't always need a full bike park, huge farm, or several paddocks to practice in.

It's a great episode to supplement the Say No To Slow Dirt Bike series, so that once you've watched the series, grab this and take it out to your practice area with you, even if there is no cell phone coverage - after all, dirt bike riding can take us some remote places!

This episode covers the following:

Standing and seated position, accelerating and braking, flat cornering technique, supported corners (eg rutts), clutch control, clutch pop wheelies, and front wheel lifts.

How to access the video:

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You will also get an email with a download link. You can download this video up to 3 times, because we know lots of customers have multiple devices, or might download it and lose it!