This eighteen-episode coaching series is designed to take dirt bike riders through the core skills such as correct riding position, bike set up, cornering, hills, line selection, plus all the way through to obstacle crossings, jumps, wheelies and hard enduro techniques.

Each lesson is set in a way that allows you to see in detail the techniques broken down visually as well as described verbally by Chris. You will not only be told what to do, but why, when and how.

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In this instructional series, Chris Birch takes adventure riders through core skills like correct standing position and off-road bike set up, all the way through to jumping logs and high-speed slides. Along the way you will learn techniques to become a safe and efficient rider and learn how to Say No to Slow.

Say No To Slow Adventure series is an 16 episode instructional series for adventure bike riding.

We have created the series drawing on over 30 years of riding bikes and over 10 years of coaching 5000+ riders. We take adventure riders through core skills like correct standing position and off-road bike set up, all the way through to jumping logs and high-speed slides.

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About Chris 

Chris Birch is a life-long motorcycle addict. He is an eight times New Zealand Enduro overall champion, three time Roof of Africa winner, he has been on the podium seven times at Red Bull Romaniacs including winning it in 2010. He has competed successfully in the world’s biggest enduro races like Erzberg, Red Bull Last Man Standing, Hells Gate, ISDE, WEC and EEC. Chris is New Zealand’s most successful Dakar Rally competitor finishing 27th and second in the rookies class in 2012. Chris has ridden and raced in over thirty countries and has a thirst for adventure. Chris has been in partnership KTM since 2007.

Chris has been teaching off road skills since 2007, initially as a way to raise funds to compete outside of New Zealand and now runs his coaching business full time. He enjoys passing on his knowledge and techniques learnt from racing around the world, but also sharing his enthusiasm and love for riding. Chris’s background as a mechanical engineer allows him to break down the physics of riding and describe the techniques in detail.

Chris now runs riding clinics for all level of riders, from those who are new to the sport up to experienced racers, and has helped many students to achieve their goals. Chris Birch Off Road Coaching runs group coaching clinics year-round in New Zealand and Australia and is available to run sessions globally on request.

Chris is also a KTM Adventure Ambassador and you will often find him at various KTM Adventure Rallies and product launches around the world. He is also proudly sponsored by Kreiga and Cardo.

Coaching Clinics

Chris Birch Coaching clinics are aimed at improving off road riding skills. Chris focuses on helping his clients get the most out of their riding – whether this is to improve performance and placing in competition, to beat their mates, or simply to get the most enjoyment from the weekend’s riding. Chris has spent his whole life riding and racing motorbikes in many disciplines and has picked up tips, tricks, shortcuts and handy hints that you only get from experience. When you are being coached by Chris, it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick his brains about any riding or bike set up problems you have.

As well as our clinics, we can also offer one on one online coaching sessions, so get in touch with us and see what we can do.



November 2021: We have passed annual audit review and continue to hold safety in high regard in our business

Chris Birch Off Road Coaching is registered on New Zealand's Adventure Activities register and has held the New Zealand Adventure Activities Certification since October 2014. We are one of only two dirt bike coaching operators who are on the register, a requirement of operating a business such as ours. The Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure and Activities) Regulations (2011) established a safety audit and registration process that is a key part of providing assurance that New Zealanders, visitors and the adventure activities sector can be assured that all operators have sound safety practices. The regulations aim to enhance professionalism and ensure consistent good practice across the sector. We are proud to hold the AdventureMark certification and are always evaluating our business to see how we can improve safety within our clinics.