USA 2024 Clinics

We have several Say No To Slow clinics in USA in 2024. We've wrapped up Utah for the year, next up are Colorado and Virginia. Please see dates and booking links below (scroll down for other regions)

Colorado Adventure Clinics
These are 1 day adventure bike clinics held at The F.A.R.M, near Parker, Colorado.
Thursday 22 August: Intermediate *SOLD OUT*
Friday 23 August: Intermediate *SOLD OUT*
Saturday 24 August: Women's Only Day
Sunday 25 August: Intermediate *SOLD OUT*

Virginia Clinics
Based in Kairos Resort
Adventure Clinics:
30/31 August: Intermediate,
2/3 September: Advanced,

Dirt Bike Clinic
1 September: Intermediate

West Virginia Clinics
Based at Camp Pioneer, Beverly, hosted by Blackwater Adventures
7/8 September: Intermediate *SOLD OUT*
10/11 September: Advanced

If you have any questions about the clinics, or would like to go on the list
to be notified of other USA clinics, please get in touch


Chris Birch Coaching clinics are aimed at improving off road riding skills. Chris focuses on helping his clients get the most out of their riding – whether this is to improve performance and placing in competition, to beat their mates, or simply to get the most enjoyment from the weekend’s riding. Chris has spent his whole life riding and racing motorbikes in many disciplines and has picked up tips, tricks, shortcuts and handy hints that you only get from experience. When you are being coached by Chris, it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick his brains about any riding or bike set up problems you have. 

We offer a variety of enduro bike / dirt bike coaching options, and adventure bike coaching options.

Please contact us to be kept informed of upcoming coaching sessions. Our clinics are currently fully booked but we are adding to our 2024 waitlist.


Learn the techniques needed to safely take adventure bikes off road and to explore further. If you are just starting out on your adventure bike journey, want to take your riding to the next level, or just want to build confidence handling your big bike off road, these clinics are for you.

The Adventure Basics course includes setting up your bike correctly, correct, strong and balanced riding positions, and using the clutch, throttle and brakes effectively for maximum control. Also covered are things such as packing for an adventure ride, and survival / self rescue techniques.

Learn to Turn is a clinic we have developed that looks specifically at turning off road on the adventure bikes. We dedicate a whole clinic to it because we want to get you really comfortable on this important technique!

Whether you want to safely use your adventure bike for gravel roads or use it like an enduro bike in some nasty terrain this clinic will help you greatly. Big bike friendly!

These clinics are based around dirt roads, fire trails and farm land.

Upcoming dates:

No upcoming dates in NZ at this stage - please contact us to get in touch.

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The focus of the group clinics are to teach balance, control and traction - the three most important aspects of riding off road. Once these three factors are in place it is possible to ride smoother, more efficiently and faster! These clinics are limited to 10 riders per day.

The clinics are flexible according to client’s needs. Some of the skills covered include:

* Setting up your bike correctly for off road

* Correct, strong and efficient riding positions

* Cornering techniques for traction and speed

* Drills to boost clutch, throttle and brake control as well as balance and timing.

* Addressing trail obstacles like logs, rocks, ruts and tree roots,

* Climbing and descending hills safely and more effectively.



We have limited availability for private sessions in Thames, New Zealand. These are tailored specifically to you and what you want to do on your bike. Individual analysis of your technique will give you maximum gains in the shortest time. These can be based around beginner’s skills, trail riding, off road racing, extreme enduro, or adventure bike riding.

From $500.00 inc GST per rider per session (1 rider, Thames location)

Contact us to arrange