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We ship these to NZ and Australia - for all other locations, please order them here.

The team at Engduro Engineering have added a new product to their  line up - the SingleTRAK is the ultimate compact motorcycle multitool.  Keep it in a pocket or in your tank bag so it's always handy.  No more digging to the bottom of your panniers to grab your main toolkit.

The word multitool often conjures up images a good knife and a crappy pair of pliers.  The SingleTrak tool is durable and, more importantly, usable.  You can get into those difficult to reach places and actually apply torque to fasteners.  They've tested the hex drive ends to 90 ft-lbs without damage!


  • CNC machined from strong 7075 aluminum
  • Rare earth magnets hold everything in place
  • Hex/Flat/Torx/Phillips/JIS bits included
  • In-tool storage for 7 bits plus a 3" (75mm) extension, ¼” adapter and a custom 8mm/10mm socket
  • A separate 8 bit holder included
  • 165 grams fully loaded
  • Adaptable, use your own hex bits and/or ¼” sockets

Included Bits:

  • Custom chromoly two sided socket (8mm, 10mm)
  • Hex (3mm ,4mm ,5mm, 6mm)
  • Torx (T20, T25, T30, T40, T45)
  • #1 Phillips, JIS #2 and 5.5mm Slot/Flat
  • ¼” hex to ¼” square drive adapter
  • 3" (75mm) extension

 The SingleTrak is designed to be loaded out with your most used bits for your ride.  The slim design makes it extremely pocketable, and the 3" (75mm) extension gives it great reach.  It includes a uniquely designed 8-bit holder to store the bits you are not currently using.  The bit holders design makes it easy to access bits and remove them from the holder.

You can add a EngDuro mini bit ratchet to your order as well.

This premium quality tool will be appreciated by everyone... especially those who need to get back to adventuring.