Feedback / Testimonials

Hi Chris and Monica,

I did your Level 1 course on Wednesday 10th Feb 2016 at Woodhill.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the training. I applied the new skills on Sunday 14th at a Fundraiser ride at Aria, Waitomo.

I am thrilled with the difference it has made to my riding.  I would normally do about 90 klms in a days riding but we did 145 klms on Sunday. The next days I would be aching with sore legs, burning neck and shoulder muscles.
I am not even sore now 2x days after the ride.  I have now realised that I have been fighting the bike instead of riding it. My corning is much quicker and have better control where I want to point the bike. Bumpy ground seams smoother and the suspension feels planted. I am so pleased that I took the time to do your training.

At the age of 56 I need all the help I can get. I am also encouraging my mates to get onto one of your training sessions, they need it as well.

I will be back again to get more training from you.

Thanks again,

Gary Dixon, February 2016,

When Chris gets home tomorrow, could you please thank him for the effort he put into the last training day in West Australia.
My two sons that attended, Lars and Geoffrey had a fantastic day, they called it "one of the best days ever", this was mostly due to the training being fun, challenging and very interactive.
They both enjoyed the bit of extra attention after the end of the day, which I know was above and beyond, Chris would have preferred to have a cold drink or a swim, but he took the extra effort to spend time riding with them.
As a spectator it was also good to see the Kiwi understatement, without intimidating levels of showmanship which can put people off thinking it is unattainable, but keeping it just ahead of where the group level was at. 
Keep up the great efforts.

Burke Carlton, November 2015

Just like to say thanks very much for a brilliant day at Woodhill on Saturday.There is no substitute for having someone go through correct bike set up, body position, techniques and the like and who better to have show those techniques than Chris. I feel I've really learnt a lot from Saturday's course and will endeavor to master those skills shown (may take a while haha) but hopefully I will have improved by the time Chris runs an intermediate course up at Auckland. Again thanks very much, money well spent.

Graham Hall - October 2015

The training day with Chris was amazing, his ability to simplify and break the training into simple components is what truly helped me improve my competence.

Justin Post - October 2015

I would like to pass on positive feedback about the day with Chris, Chris is an outstanding teacher who can explain and demonstrate the techniques very well, and made it fun! Really enjoyed the whole day even though I was the slowest and probably the oldest (ha) and on the only Honda which was interestingBut all joking aside what I learnt on that day will definitely improve the way I ride, and will accelerate my abilities much further and faster than what I’ve done in the last 10 months riding after 30+ years off a dirt bike and be able to handle better my new bike which I’ve only had for a month.I think I will likely do another of one of Chris’s training days next year to further improve. Great value

Sennen Harry - October 2015

I had a great time at the riding clinic in Duncan, Vancouver Island. Most guys I spoke to agreed that the clinic was much more suited to us island hare scramble series racers, than the other recent clinic we attended (Jarvis). I was very impressed with the skills you imparted to us along with a generous amount of time on bike set-up. We needed that.  We are all racing this weekend and I'll bet that a bunch of us will be trying to keep our rider "triangle"  as low as possible.  Maybe we'll be writing notes on our front fenders too!So, this is just a quick note to say, we all enjoyed the clinic.

Andy James - September 2015

Just a short email to thank you for the training day with Grenville and yourself yesterday. Your input in bike setup and riding positions was fantastic. You are very clear and knowledgeable about what you are teaching. I enjoyed Every aspect of the day but realised what a nana i ride my brother has often told me in fun!. The great thing about your training day is thanyou have shown me ways to makeriding that much better and safer.

Kevin Williams - August 2015

I am writing to say thank you very much to Chris Birch coaching (as a business) and Chris himself.I found the coaching day in Taupo last weekend invaluable. The way in which Chris coaches works very well for me. I really like that he shows what not to do and then what to do. It meant that I was able to understand what I was doing wrong so I could focus on how to make the changes. My confidence has grown and I fell a lot safer on the bike. I even put myself out there and helped with a sweep ride yesterday at an local trail ride :)I know I still have a lot more to learn and do but awesome to have the new skills so far.

April Mainland - August 2015

I did recent 2 days Berima training and advanced with (Chris).Then last weekend completed a 3 day 500 plus km ride through Mt Hotham ski fields and surrounds inc 20 creek crossings and some loose hill climbs. By the 2nd day my skills had jumped dramatically.Thanks to Birchy's training I and all my mates are amazed at my progress from useless to competent. And improving every ride. We did 7 hours on the 2nd day I road up the front of the pack and I had very little fatigue.(normally can't walk after a 3hr ride)Thank you guys so so much the transformation is amazing.

Matt Kuehne - May 2015

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great day on Friday.A very humbling experience. Chris is such a great person with an awesome attitude and of course it helps when you can ride the wheels off any bike as well.  Made me very proud to be a kiwi. Keep up the good work and all the best for the romaniacs. Thanks again. 

Jase - March 2015

I had an awesome experience and would highly recommend it to anyone. Chris was extremely generous in sharing his wealth of knowledge and taught me techniques that have been serving me well ever since. It was by far one of the best things I've ever done for my riding.

Malcolm Macrae - March 2015

I had an amazing time on the Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it…I was way out of my depth in regards to skill level as that was only my 4th time on a dirt bike. Chris was fantastic in his approach to my lack of skills and i felt totally comfortable with him and my riding ability.I learnt so much on the day and look forward to practicing my skills as soon as possible. I will be telling everyone about the day and highly recommending people to sign up. Would love to pop over to NZ for a ride day but have to run that one past the wife!!!

Daniel Walters, Berrima, January 2015

Had a fantastic day. Learnt so much, look forward to putting it into practice this weekend.Very sore tho, my legs and shoulders feel like they have been hit by a baseball bat.Defiantly will be doing another clinic again soon.

Brent Carlisle, Berrima, January 2015

I was at Chris’ Saturday training day and really enjoyed it. He is a down to earth fella that is excellent at passing on his knowledge.

Matt Doyle, Berrima, January 2015

I thought I knew a bit about off road riding, but Chris showed me so much more. He started with a bike set-up lesson and that alone made me a better rider. He then led off and lesson by lesson started with a detailed exclamation of the task, followed by plenty of time to practice what we were just taught. Chris is a not only a very good rider, but a very good instructor as well. Thanks Chris, you are a true professional and I learned so much.

Chris Good, Auckland, January 2015

Just a quick note to say that the two days training with Chris were absolutely brilliant- best two days I have had in years- possibly decades. Chris’ training had me riding my 990 in the bush faster, smoother and more safely than I normally ride my 450. We ended up in my usual riding area on Sunday on the big bikes- I normally ride here on my 450- I never thought I would have my 990 in here- especially in the wet….and it was very wet!Please pass my thanks on to Chris (and Chris!) again- I will be recommending Chris’ rider training to anyone who will listen. Chris is a great teacher- very patient- and an all-round great bloke!

Ian Wood, Wellington, December 2014

I meant to thank Chris for a fantastic lesson last month. It has made all the difference to my riding, confidence level is rising.I am keen on a follow up lesson.

Carlos Chorao, Auckland, December 2014

We had Chris attend the south coast of Australia for a two day coaching course in November 2014.Our group consisted of 10 riders, Chris not only explains the technique, he also explains and demonstrates why a certain technique should be used.The information and techniques our group learnt from Chris was invaluable,  our group of riders were already very capable on the trails but all were extremely happy they decided to attend the course, although the course ran for only two days Chris has left us with so much to practice that will last a lifetime.The course was not rushed, everything was well explained, demonstrated and practiced under Chris’s watchful eye.10 out of 10 from me, if you have not attended a coaching course before, do not hesitate, they are informative and lots of fun.Chris’s ability to teach is as good as his riding.

Greg Peterson, Australia, December 2014

We had the opportunity to have Chris Birch at Panama (Nov 2014) for 4 school days and an Ocean2Ocean race.It´s not about how much you know, it´s about how to transfer that knowledge to your students, this is what makes a great professional a GREAT teacher.  This is Chris.We really enjoyed having those school days at Panama.  Being Chris a very humble and great person, makes school much more fun as you learn a lot.  My ride has improve a lot since those schools.This is the first time someone comes to Panama for enduro schools, I´m sure it will not be the last one, because of this great experience.Hope to see you soon my friend

Yitin, Angely & Sons, Ocean2Ocean, Panama, Nov 2014